About Crystal Vine

A love for minerals is about one thing – appreciation of the beauty and wonder of mother earth, and all that she creates. Owner of Crystal Vine, Sara Giller explains how she first got into the world of minerals:

“It was during a holiday to Israel in 1981 that I first came accross a mineral shop with large agate slices all sawn from the same boulders, which were fantastically displayed in sophisticated brightly lit glass cabinets, which I had never seen before. Only being a student at the time, I could only afford a small slice, which started my fascination with minerals, and was the first piece in my collection.

Since then, I have travelled to Tucson and Denver in America and France and Germany in Europe to search for the most interesting and finest quality pieces that I could afford, expanding my collection, and it wasn’t long before the hobby became a business and swiftly grew into the Crystal Vine you see today.

Crystal Vine has since then become a very popular website, proud to have been online for over 13 years, and now attracting 1000’s of visitors from all over the world, in search of the perfect piece for their collection. We were winners of rockhounders ‘rare-find’ website award in 1999.

I am always keen to meet other collectors and professionals of the trade, to talk about our mutual love of crystals, especially opals.

Hope you enjoy browsing the site, please feel free to email me any questions, or perhaps I’ll see you at one of the mineral fairs!”

Owner of Crystal Vine, Sara Giller.